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Que Syrah Syrah! Whatever will be, will be!

Good afternoon to you all and welcome to my new website, 'Que Syrah Syrah Wines', dedicated to bringing you the latest news and reviews of wines from all over!

Today is the initial launch of the (hopefully) titillating sub plot of my already interestingly diverse career within an industry that seems to be ever-changing and forever growing. It has been a couple of months now since I started debating to myself about creating an online presence, what are the pros and cons? How do I want to promote myself? And most importantly, how much more work could this potentially add to my crammed diary? But after completely ignoring everything I'd considered, I decided that it is time to just go for it.

The concept of this website for me was always to promote wines on a level that everyone could find accessible, as only being 22 myself, I realise that for people of a younger age it can be quite an intimidating process when choosing a wine for yourself, or as a gift. But I didn't approve of the idea that I should target those people only, so although the website had to be accessible from a beginner's perspective, it is also very important to me that I include enough information to keep even the more experienced wine lovers interested and reading.
I will be posting 'Day to Day' articles on the website, these will be exactly what they say on the tin, and will consist of various generalisations of the industry, whether that be myself discussing tastings that I may or may not have recently attended or discussions into the politics of wine, in short, the 'Day to Day' news. 
Further categories will be topics such as 'Wine Reviews', 'Pairing Your Wine' and 'What I've Found'. Again, similar to the 'Day to Day' category in that the content of each is mirrored by it's title.

Being new to this whole creating a website lark, it might take some time in perfecting the site, but I am hoping that within the next fortnight, I can really start to kick this off with more and more articles, alongside a better image for the website, all I ask is that you're patient and understanding.

I would really like to thank you for reading this far, and that like me, you're eager for more to come!

Take care, and speak with you soon 


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